The fund’s first call will support innovation for UK video games.

It will pose two separate challenges for not-for-profits and their partners to respond to, addressing related issues around transparency, navigability and diversity.

Challenge 1A: New, transformative and open data for the UK video games sector

Funding available: up to £250,000.

Currently, data on and for UK video games is fragmented, incomplete or inaccessible.

This is particularly challenging for smaller-scale developers and producers, who cannot access useful information to support the development of their projects.

It also means that the independent UK video games industry cannot accurately evidence its value or the challenges it faces, limiting the ability to instigate policy change and leverage funding and support.

This challenge seeks to support proposals which propose a plan to develop, test and launch a publicly facing platform which surfaces data and insights that are demonstrably useful to the sector, particularly smaller-scale and independent developers.

Challenge 1B: Support for under-represented emerging developers

Funding available: up to £100,000.

The video games industry can be opaque and difficult to navigate for emerging developers. In addition, the UK workforce, which is 67% male and 89% white according to the 2022 Ukie Census, severely lacks diversity.

A lack of knowledge around how the sector operates restricts new, emerging and smaller-scale games developers with creative talent and high-potential ideas from being able to develop their work effectively and reach their customer base.

This challenge seeks to fund innovative ways to address the barriers facing emerging and under-represented developers, supporting them to bring their products to market.

The deadline for applications is Monday 20 May. Awards are expected to be made in August 2024.

BFI will be hosting a webinar Q&A where you can find out more about both challenges on Tuesday 23 April from midday to 1pm.

Click here to find out more, register for the webinar, and apply.