For Ignition we (Meta) are primarily focused on the development and exploration of game concepts that target the midcore player – more mainstream than niche, and broad in scope with compelling Meta Quest 3 interaction mechanics. We are open-minded towards all genres of games and care deeply about you building the game you’re most passionate and experienced in. We’re looking for mixed reality concepts just as much as conventional VR, and have enhanced interest in simulation games, active sports, and accessible social titles.

What Oculus Publishing Ignition developers receive:

  • (3) Paid milestones at 3 month intervals, 6 month total timeline
  • (3) Meta Quest 3 dev kits
  • Oculus Publishing prototype and game concept review and consultation, with potential for additional funding on fully-scoped game
  • Retention of full IP, code, assets, design and distribution rights
  • Reviews of new studios and projects for investment consideration by VC funding partners, at developer discretion
  • Reviews of projects for additional game co-funding consideration by independent VR game publishers, at developer discretion


  • Veteran team member backgrounds with strong pedigree of shipped titles.
  • Recently established and incorporated team (April 2023 or newer).
  • Original concepts only, no licensed games.
  • Application period ends on September 1, 2024 or when fund is exhausted.
  • Oculus Publishing Ignition prototype funding approval closes on October 1, 2024 or when fund is exhausted.

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