Innovate UK’s Immersive Tech Network is the UK’s leading membership organisation for immersive technologies.

We bring together industry, research and academic organisations, public sector and innovators to help fast track innovation, R&D, scalability and company growth.

Our aim is to support UK businesses in the immersive tech sector to be the most successful and innovative they can be.

We are the UK’s only membership organisation dedicated to supporting content, applications, services and solution providers developing immersive technology solutions or companies creating content or experiences using immersive tech.

We do this by connecting people to explore future collaborations; pointing to the latest funding and finance opportunities from across all industries in the UK economy; addressing the pressing issues that slow down R&D and barriers to innovation; and identifying the opportunities for growth in this exciting, emerging marketplace, both in the UK and internationally.

Working closely with all levels of government we ensure the needs of the immersive tech sector are represented in the policy making process to ensure your voice and opinions are heard.

The Immersive Technology Network was established as Immerse UK in 2016, with initial funding support from Innovate UK.

What types of industries join the network?

The Immersive Technology Network brings together industry, researchers and academic organisations, public sector, entrepreneurs, innovators innovating in immersive technologies. The sectors we represent include:

advertising and marketing | aerospace | digital agencies | architecture | automotive | defence and security | design | education & research | engineering | entertainment & media | environmental | financial services | games | hardware & devices | health & medical | heritage & museums | investors | legal | manufacturing | marine | oil & gas | post production | retail | software development | telecommunications | training | tourism | transport