Innovate UK Immersive Tech Network recognises that today’s XR talent is not only discovered through university programmes. To highlight talent from other routes such as further education, continuing education (non-degree courses or programmes) and those who are self-taught, the 2024 awards is excited to launch a new Career Breakout Showcase initiative.

If you are currently studying on an undergraduate or postgraduate course, you should enter one of the other five award categories. All others, whether currently studying or not, are eligible to enter the Career Breakout Showcase (as long you are 18 or over and do not already have a career in the industry). You must be based in the UK to enter.

For those in their early career in XR (less than one year in industry) who have yet to hold a paid full-time role (or have only had short-term full-time posts lasting under 3 months in total), the Career Breakout Showcase is an opportunity to submit their work or portfolio for a chance to be invited to showcase a project at the Awards Reception and network with UK’s leading XR industry innovators. Similar exposure and connections made at the 2023 Awards Reception for winners and finalists opened opportunities to work, and project collaborations, beyond the two awarded internship grand prizes.

The application for the Career Breakout Showcase consists of two parts – a video brief and an entry form. The showcase application is open to individual entries and each applicant can enter once with your portfolio.

Applications for this year’s awards closed on 24 March 2024. Thank you to all who entered!

Video brief details

Applicants may submit a video up to 3 minutes in length explaining their work.

Show us:

  • An overview of your work/ portfolio
  • Demonstrate the work developed and be sure to include a demo of experiences such as walkthrough of the build, prototype, designs
  • Why your work should be picked for the Career Breakout Showcase with a compelling pitch
  • Your biggest challenges and how you overcame them

Focus on using the time to explain your work, and clearly demonstrate what was developed.

You will not be judged on high video production quality.

Application questions

These are the questions you will need to answer on the awards submission platform.

  • Please provide an overview of your work/ portfolio
  • Please describe your relevant XR skills
  • Please provide an overview of your XR learning background
  • What is the elevator pitch you use to highlight your work?
  • What would be your dream role/ project?
  • Please submit your application video following the video brief.
  • What is your website and/or link to your portfolio?
  • What is your LinkedIn profile?

Click here to apply for the Career Breakout Showcase.