Factory with robotic arms and smart screens

Industry 4.0 technological advances have the potential to transform manufacturing in ways that were unimaginable just a decade ago. Companies and consumers alike are constantly demanding more from the manufacturing innovators they work with.

XR (extended reality) technology promises endless new opportunities for rapid product creation, prototyping, and training; extended reality has infinite potential in the industrial and manufacturing space.

Changing market dynamics, shifts in supply chain risk, the need to link demand planning with the whole value chain, and the potential of circularity, all pose challenges and opportunities for industry to utilise XR technology.

Immersive VR/AR XR technologies are connecting and engaging people at deeper and more meaningful levels. Innovate UK’s Immersive Technology Network supports you to apply human insight, innovative technologies and industry expertise to help you achieve real results across your organisation.

XR Technologies can bring a host of benefit across:

  • Improved training: Training new team members on how to use a multitude of complex tools. Reducing time-consuming and expensive in person processes. Professionals can learn how to use and master various pieces of machinery with minimal strain for the larger company and facility down time.
  • Rapid product designing: Many manufacturers are already using VR digital twins  to reduce the time between the initial design and modelling segments in product development. Reducing the time-to-market in a manufacturing and industrial space.
  • Process improvements/Remote Working: Using AR and mixed reality, engineers and technicians in the field can access collaborative support from their team and other professionals, and even visual instruction manuals overlaid onto the real world objects, as the systems recognises real life objects and displays the relevant information in real-time.

PwC research already suggests the use of VR and AR in product and service development could be the key to driving a $360 billion GDP boost by 2030.

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Case Studies

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