In the rapidly evolving and growing last-mile delivery sector, the need to get new products to market quickly is critical. Pashley recognised this when they made the strategic decision to develop a new and novel concept for a tilting, e-assist cargo trike. This would be a high-risk and high-cost development project for Pashley, and from the outset, they wanted to break the mould and move away from the traditional, slow and inflexible approach of concept sketch to physical prototype and evolution. Pashley wanted to exploit the possibilities of digital development tools, and the speed and agility they could bring in terms of fast and efficient product development, but didn’t have the internal skills to hit the ground running.

With the help of WMG at the University of Warwick, Pashley took its first steps into the world of immersive visual models and virtual reality.

Download the Use Case details here.



University of Warwick

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