Having great pitching and presenting skills are crucial to make a great first impression, showcase your immersive business effectively and help you to secure future clients and investment.

These short, step-by-step video guides are designed to help you to develop and deliver engaging pitches and presentations to effectively share more about your company and innovative projects. This series includes:

An investment pitch presentation should be a concise summary of your business plan that piques the interest of potential investors. It should NOT be just a product pitch – your product is only one element of your business plan.

In our short video, we provide a step by step guide to preparing an investment pitch. The guide shows you the important information to include and a sensible order in which to present it but it is by no means a magic bullet to successfully securing investment. Use the information to build your own proposition and amend the content and order to sell your vision.

Check out what an investor is looking for in that initial pitch [Link]

Most people do not like pitching. It is often seen as a one-way communication. We need to learn how to overcome our worries and see this as a key part of our role as a founder. Pitching forms part of an integral means to attract customers, investors and staff to join your company. A pitch is the start of a two way dialogue. Make sure you give people the opportunity to continue the conversation. There are three main conversations to prepare for from elevator pitch to board room. Learn about each of these conversations you need to prepare for in this short video.

It is rare that an investor will back just one person. Instead investors look at your whole team. Yet, as an early stage company you do not always have the funds to build that winning A team. In this short video, we highlight ways that you can gather the necessary skills and manpower to take your business forward and make it more attractive for investment without the need for that initial injection of funding.

You have developed your value proposition and pitch material. Now, we want to talk about the key factors involved in making your value proposition as convincing and compelling as possible. In short, how to maximise the value from your value proposition.

Check out these top tips in this short video

Being able to hit home the value of your innovation in a clear and concise way is invaluable to your business. It’s important to consider how you can communicate this value through a 30 second pitch.

It’s not just about pitching to a room at your local business breakfast event, a 30 second pitch is useful to have in any scenario where you want to create a lasting impression and turn your ask into an action. So, how do you best communicate with your audience?

Watch this short video on how to create a persuasive pitch.