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About HTC Europe (Vive X)

Vive X seeks to cultivate, foster and grow the global XR ecosystem by supporting startups and providing them with education, investment and mentorship. As well as funding we run programs in London, San Francisco, Taipei, Beijing and Tel Aviv. We invest in startups from pre-seed to Series A.

Our interest in immersive technologies

The core mission of its Vive X group is to foster, cultivate and grow the global XR ecosystem. We are the world’s most active investor in immersive tech with over 90 portfolio companies. We are looking for scalable products, platforms and tools across VR, AR and 5G. Our most recent investments include LIV, KageNova, Immersive Factory, Modal, Primitive, Visby and YBVR.

The value we can add to your company beyond capital

HTC Vive is a global leader in virtual reality and related technologies. As well as giving you access to investment, the Vive X program provides hands-on support, from product expertise to market access and future fundraising. 

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