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About Oxford Sciences Innovation plc

Oxford Sciences Innovation plc (OSI) plc started operations in June 2015 since when it has invested in 69 companies that have spun-out from Oxford University. Investments are made at every stage of a company’s development from translational funding, to seed and later stage Series A, B etc. including through to IPO. It is probable that OSI will invest in every stage of a companies development. There are no time limits on how long investments are held and therefore OSI is prepared to take a long term view aiming to allow companies to achieve their maximum potential.

OSI can only invest in companies that have or will spin-out from Oxford University or are based on Harwell Science Campus or Culham Science Centre in Oxfordshire.

The company has over £600m of capital with around 25% committed since it began operations in June 2015.

By providing significant capital in a timely manner from OSI, our shareholders and contacts, it is expected that the portfolio companies are more likely to succeed. In addition, our shareholders and network take an active interest in providing advice and tangible support to the portfolio companies.  Beyond capital this may be immediate tangible help such as an OSI Investment Principal sitting on the Company’s Board or office space in our Oxford incubator. In addition, our shareholders (including Google, Temasek, Sequoia, Tencent, Invesco, Lansdowne) offer strategic advice, market contacts, introductions and management help to the investments.

Our interest in immersive technologies

OSI believes that immersive content and the creative industries are an important part of the UK’s economy.

OSI will invest in any projects that qualify at any funding stage as long as they meet our investment criteria. It is difficult to predict the likely number of suitable ideas in any year generated from Oxford University but it is likely to be at least two new investments judging by past investments.

Overall OSI are investing in around 15 new spin-outs a year in the seed round. As OSI develops it is expected that there will be around 12 investments p.a. in Series A and around 7 in Series B. It is too early to predict the number of investments in funding rounds later than Series B. In Immersive Technologies we would expect circa 1 seed investments each year and the same number in each of the later funding rounds, though with a slight decrease due to technological and market failure. OSI is interested in all areas of Immersive Technology and would invest in any that met our investment criteria.  

The value we can add to your company beyond capital

OSI helps with property, preferred supplier contacts and partnering with the right advisers.

Each investment also receives the attention of an Investment Principal who has worked in the relevant area for at least 3 years and has access to considerable sector knowledge from senior members of the OSI Board. In addition, the shareholders and network of OSI frequently attend Oxford and will help portfolio companies where possible including giving strategic advice, making introductions and  helping with market contracts. The OSI shareholder list includes GV, Sequoia, Redmile, Wellcome Trust, Invesco, Woodford Patient Capital, Fosun Pharma, Temasek and Lansdowne amongst others.

OSI has been developing expertise in the area of immersive technology from developing its existing companies in addition to drawing on the knowledge of shareholders, the wider network and the Oxford University Academic community. This knowledge is captured in the Investment Principals who are the key point of contact for each investment.

The companies in our portfolio and new investment ideas are in a very early stage of development and therefore are extremely risky investments. It is probable that a significant majority will not reach commercial viability. By having Innovate funding available it is likely that more projects will be funded and to a high degree. The Innovate funding will also speed up the rate of investment by attracting further capital into the companies. The higher level of funding and increased speed of investment should improve the possibility of commercial success of the investments.     

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