Eleven organisations confirmed as investor partners in the ISCF Audience of the Future Immersive Technology Investment Accelerator

The Immersive Technology Investment Accelerator provides simultaneous grant funding and venture capital investment for early stage projects. It works in a unique way; Innovate UK funds the R&D being carried out by companies, while investor partners invest in the company itself. In April 2019, eleven organisations were confirmed as the investor partners participating in the Investor Accelerator.

The investor partners

Investors who successfully applied to partner in the Investment Accelerator include:

Next stage of the Immersive Technology Investment Accelerator

Stage 2 of the Immersive Technology Investment Accelerator programme sees it opening for applications from UK-based SMEs from Monday 20 May. Up to £2m is available for UK creative and tech businesses to undertake R&D projects that enable immersive content to be created faster, more efficiently or in new ways.

So, if you’re a UK-based SME, looking for funding for your innovation, find out more by visiting our Audience of the Future section

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