In light of the Covid pandemic, many patients usually supported by hospital and hospice spaces are facing the coming months at home. Prospect hospice is calling for donations of Oculus Quests so they can help patients with pain management through VR experiences.

The Covid pandemic has led to hospitals and hospices overrun with people that need desperate care and support. Many people are in constant pain, isolated and suffering from severe anxiety and grief. Medication alone cannot help with that.

Prospect Hospice has undertaken substantial research into the impact of virtual reality in reducing pain and anxiety with projects including “The Forest of Serenity” which was voiced by Sir David Attenborough. Patients described how they completely forgot about their pain, and found the experiences powerful, inspiring and mindful.

They are seeking Oculus Quest donations to bring a series of virtual reality experiences to patients who can benefit from accessing playful and social immersive technologies that connect them to a world beyond their bedrooms. You can find out more about the hospice’s  VR work by watching our recent webinar on End of Life, Grief + XR.

“We want to provide as many options for patients as we can to improve their quality of life. We have received so much positive feedback from our previous trials, and would love to continue to offer virtual reality as an ongoing resource for our patients.”

Dr Sheila Popert, Prospect Hospice

How to help

If you would like to help and donate a headset, please contact Sarah Ticho at