In July 2019, Immerse UK’s Asha Easton chaired a lively panel session at Unbound London, the UK’s largest innovation festival. This session is now available to watch online. The panel of experts give an insight into the latest and future VR, AR and MR developments in the consumer sector.

Harnessing the Power of Immersive Tech explored the potential of immersive technologies, from AR/VR/MR to haptics and immersive sound in a consumer market.

Joining Asha on the panel were David Johnston, Senior Product Lead at the BBC; Emily Savage, Immersive & Creative Lead at Digital Catapult; Greg Ivanov, Head of AR & Lens at Google and Mark Apter, Head of Innovation at L’Oreal.



Key highlights include insights into:

  • Google’s philosophy of making projects that are useful on a day-to-day basis and highlighting the potential of Google Lens as the future of search;
  • How the BBC is widening participation by piloting mobile VR projects such as the BBC VR library tour;
  • Digital Catapult’s Creative XR programme and how it helps supports companies who are developing new immersive projects in the arts and culture sectors;
  • How L’Oreal is experimenting with immersive tech to help shoppers decide if products are right for them, with e-commerce and in-store examples;
  • How organisations need to put the user at the heart of immersive technology, think about their audiences needs and make it easy for them to utilise the tech;
  • The future of immersive tech, including the potential of 5G to unleash immersive tech on the move and possibilities for location-based entertainment, personalisation of immersive tech and the development of audio.

To see more sessions from Unbound 2019, visit the Unbound YouTube channel