Are you an SME working in the world of  digital technology?

Join us to discuss your ideas, technologies and solutions with cutting edge companies at our frenetic and fun speed networking session, in partnership with Jack Morton on Wednesday 23 January 2019.

We have been working with Jack Morton to set a variety of innovation challenges.  You will spend the morning working around the room and pitching your ideas in response to the challenges set.  If you want the opportunity to meet leading companies, please register your interest now and save the date for a chance to be selected.

What Jack Morton needs

Jack Morton is a leading brand experience agency with the strength and capabilities to make extraordinary things happen. They create experiences that connect brands to the people that matter most to them. Their innovation practice is currently focusing on innovation in content, technology and data, and true to our mantra of Invent Together, they are looking to partner with a team or individual keen to make a positive difference in the way things are done in our industry. Jack Morton are eager to invest time, energy and potentially funding in a worthy idea that’s going to further secure our position as the number one brand experience agency, as we enter the era of what’s being dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Four innovation areas


The ‘immersive economy’ encompasses several emerging technologies – such as AR, VR and MR – changing the way we tell stories. The real and digital worlds are increasingly blurred, and Jack Morton is looking for innovations that will enhance brand storytelling and the experience of attendees in event spaces. It is also seeking experts in multi-sensory design; those harnessing research in sight, touch, sound, movement etc. to enhance the ways we engage with, and personalise, multi-sensory experiences in live and digital environments.


Measuring effectiveness has been a long-standing challenge in our industry, but now experiences are becoming smart-spaces that sense, measure and react. Jack Morton is looking for ways to harness sensors, analytics, IoT (and more), to create big-picture understandings of how people behave, and how brands make them feel. They are seeking emerging technologies that allow us to test, evaluate and optimise experiences using algorithms, AI & MR – that is, before the spaces have even been built.


‘Curated’ is about responsibly harnessing data to create ultra-personalised experiences. Jack Morton is looking for new ways to use AI and machine learning to help us create better and more bespoke learning experiences, as well as transform the way people engage with content. Using it to anticipate people’s needs in a physical environment is another important area. They are also interested in proposals from innovators specialising in the development of voice apps which could help guide people to locations and content. Lastly, they are looking for tech solutions on how to help people navigate indoors using AR.


‘Connected’ is focused on creating new platforms and services that innovate around the existing customer journey. Jack Morton is looking for tech that will enable us to reach audiences in new places, or in different ways. Technology that pioneers in removing barriers created by distance allowing for remote participation via VR. Or, innovative platforms that allow people to access high-definition content anytime, anywhere.

Your approach

Think differently

Every industry is being transformed by innovation, but there’s always one disruptor driving change. Jack Morton is looking for something that changes the way brand experiences are designed and delivered. They want to raise the bar and reposition the way things are done. What has no one thought of yet?

Remove the barriers

Jack Morton is looking for a solution with the purpose of eliminating the barriers in any part of a brand experience. How can it make things smoother, easier, better for people? Seamlessness goes far in the experience industry. Cutting through the clutter and removing as many layers as possible creates simplicity people want and love.

Hide in plain sight

The most respected and in our opinion, best, innovators are the ones who deeply engage with the people they are trying to help. Sincerity in doing this means they’re addressing the real needs of humans, as opposed to thoughtlessly “disrupting” established systems already in place. Further to this, technology should be non-intrusive and invisible, focusing on the people’s needs first and then creating technology fuelled solutions to meet these needs. Good solutions are often invisible.

Put your mark on it

Jack Morton is a global powerhouse with the capabilities to bring your ideas to life. They are looking for an innovative, ownable and proprietary solution we can develop with and share the success of with you. This means we need to be able to license it, so including this research in your proposal is essential.

How to apply

There is a selection process in place to attend this event – the deadline is 11 January. You will need to apply online. Successful SME applicants will be contacted in plenty of time to prepare for the event with further information.

Please ensure you have read the details above as this will help to ensure you answer our questions as fully as possible when applying.

Submit your expression of interest by 11 January

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