Innovate UK Immersive Tech Network is working on a project to map the immersive technology landscape in the UK. The project will help policymakers, investors, and businesses make better decisions to drive the sector’s success. This survey aims to collect information directly from industry players working in immersive technologies to understand what they do, how they engage with immersive technology and the main challenges they are facing.

Immersive technologies create an environment where a person can digitally interact with applications and experiences, bringing together sight, sound and touch in an augmented, or simulated environment. Immersive technology includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Extended Reality (XR) technologies and capabilities, haptics, sonics and advanced sensory interfaces, advanced visualisation, display technologies and spatial computing, and real-time and associated production technologies.

The person filling in the survey should be a senior staff member who understands the full range of immersive technology activities in your organisation. If you feel that someone else within your organisation would be better placed to fill in the questionnaire, please nominate them.

The information you provide will be analysed to provide insight into your business and its relationship with immersive technology. No personal data will be collected as part of the survey, and no data will be shared or published in its raw form. Aggregated results from the analysis may be published.

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