How can your business take advantage of tax relief and protect your intellectual property? Immerse UK releases a recording of its briefing event, in partnership with Sheridans, giving an overview of this business-critical area of activity.

Tax relief schemes and intellectual property can be complex and difficult to understand for creative SMEs working in the immersive tech sector (virtual, augmented and mixed realities). But by increasing understanding and integrating into business strategies can significantly help businesses to bring a sense of commercialisation to thrive and grow.

In January 2019, Immerse UK teamed up with leading media law firm, Sheridans to organise an event to demystify the world of tax and intellectual property (IP) and highlight how SMEs can take advantage of schemes that are designed to help businesses within the creative industries – as well as protecting your rights.

Video content

The session gives a high level overview of:

  • creative and property tax relief schemes and how these can be accessed by those working within the AR/VR/animation/gaming space.
  • how the schemes operate and who is entitled to claim. Additionally, it debunks some of the common myths around these schemes.
  • the treatment of intellectual property in collaborative projects and how parties can ensure they adequately protect their intellectual property in commercial transactions with a view to further monetising this.
  • commercialising intellectual property.

Speakers include:

  • Jamie Smith – Sheridans
  • Gabriella Playford – Sheridans
  • Tim Davies – Sheridans
  • Andre Bravin – Sheridans
  • Peter Kelland – Smith Kelland

Held at R/GA offices in London on 29 January 2019.