If you missed our Lunchtime Live event on 27th October, the recording is now available!

Patricia Lall, Founder, Wolfskill Ltd
Angela Chan, Head of Inclusion, StoryFutures
Emma Osman, Producer, StoryTrails and StoryMapper Lincoln

Immersive technology (VR, AR, MR, XR) can make important contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion, serving as tools to create new platforms for communication, community, and collaboration; to increase empathy and understanding, not just by seeing but experiencing through someone else’s shoes. Join us to hear the stories behind the projects helping to move DEI forward one experience at a time.

StoryTrails is a unique immersive storytelling experience, led by StoryFutures Academy, which allows local people to experience their town in a completely new way through the magic of augmented and virtual reality. Audiences get to time-travel via the wonder of immersive technologies to experience untold local stories in the heart of their communities, featured in 15 locations across the UK and as part of the BFI Imax experience. By bringing storytelling via new technology through local libraries, town squares, streets and cinemas, StoryTrails shows us how public spaces and community hubs can help democratise access and engage wider audiences.