StoryFutures’ R&D Bootcamp will bring together ECRs and immersive SMEs to explore the value of research to industry innovation. Following this open session, 10 SMEs and ECRs will be matched up and undertake a 10-week R&D research residency where ECRs and SMEs will work together on an innovation research project.

The purpose of this bootcamp is to:

  • Upskill ECRs in immersive skills
  • Introduce SMEs to what researchers do and what value it can add to their work
  • Allow ECRs to apply their research to live industry R&D projects
  • Demonstrate the value of academic research in industry
  • Provide a space for ECRs to network with other researchers and industry professionals and for them to discuss areas of industry need relating to research

The structure of this bootcamp and the following placement period will be:
Call out open: 31st March 2022
Call out close: 26th May 2022
Networking Event day 1: 14th June 2022
Networking Event day 2: 21st June 2022
Residency Period: July – October 2022

Researchers must be currently contracted by a UK HEI. StoryFutures will buy-out your time from your HEI in the form of a secondment or, in exceptional circumstances, teaching relief funding or extension of hours (for part-time staff).

Click here for more information and to apply.