Immerse UK’s lunchtime webinar series are designed to support our premium members by offering bite-sized, interactive sessions to connect you with experts to address key challenges and opportunities facing the UK’s immersive tech sector.

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AR for Enterprise webinar

Wednesday 15 January | 12:30-13:30

This lunchtime webinar with Mark Sage from AREA will explore how augmented reality can improve operational performance across the enterprise sector. Read more

XR Inclusion and Accessibility webinar

Wednesday 29 January | 13:00-13:45

Accessibility and inclusion expert, Christine Hemphill from Open Inclusion will explore inclusive design, why it matters and how it can benefit immersive businesses and end users. She will highlight how immersive technologies can include or exclude users through design of content, software and hardware. Read more

XR and healthcare – working with the NHS webinar

Wednesday 12 February | 13:00-13:45

XR healthcare specialists, Ross O’Brien and Sarah Ticho will explore the variety of ways that immersive technologies can be used in healthcare and highlight the realities of working with the NHS. Read more

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