Where are the potential opportunities for manufacturers to harness the power of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies into their businesses? Delivered by Immerse UK as part of Digital Manufacturing Week, this panel discussion explores the future of immersive technology in manufacturing.


About this webinar

A lively discussion on the future of immersive technology in manufacturing. We discuss the realities of deploying XR solutions at scale, looking at a variety of use cases from immersive solution providers who are working with manufacturers to improve their processes, and talking about where we see the potential future opportunities for manufacturers.

Panellists include:

Speaker biographies

Frank McQuade, Bloc Digital

Frank McQuade graduated from the university of Glasgow with a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering. Following a period developing the Meteosat Second Generation Ground Control systems with Scisys he joined Selex Systems Integration as the Head of UK Capability. During that period he worked with many organisations developing advanced simulation solutions for customers such as the European Space Agency and the Ministry of Defence.

He then joined Rolls-Royce as the Head of Engineering Strategy and worked with teams in a wide range of advanced technologies for Design, Manufacturing, Test and Services.

In 2018 he joined Bloc Digital as the Director of Capability and is currently working with the teams to develop Industry 4.0 XR solutions for all stages of the industrial lifecycle.

Daniel Norbury,  Virtalis

Virtalis has been pioneering enterprise visualisations for over 25 years, building a position at the vanguard of virtual reality for industry. Our visualisation software and systems help organisations across a range of industries to achieve more effective operations. Virtalis places visualisation in the hands of a broad range of users, enabling organisations to easily navigate complex supply chains and deliver successful projects.

Daniel Norbury started his career as an animator in the games industry building high fidelity in-game and cinematic animations for AAA games and feature films. He worked with a range of studios such as Crytek, 343 Industries and Spark to develop sequences for the XBox One and PS4 platforms.

Dan moved to Virtalis in 2017 and brought his experience to the Visionary Render development team. Dan now works closely with key partners and customers of Virtalis to help promote and support the use of Virtual Reality and visualisation as a fully integrated operational tool.


Christine Perey, the AREA 

Christine Perey is an industry analyst, researcher and consultant leading new technology industry initiatives. Since 1991 She was an early evangelist for streaming media and desktop videoconferencing until, in 2006, she began to study mobile Augmented Reality. Her company provides services and programs for executives building and acquiring AR-enabling technologies as well as to the largest enterprise AR platform customers.

Christine is the founder, and from 2013 to 2016 served as the founding executive director, of the AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA), the only global member-based organisation accelerating AR adoption in enterprise. She chairs the AREA Research Committee and leads the AREA Interoperability and Standards Program.

In aviation, automotive, marine, fast moving consumer goods, information technology, medical device and other industries, clients of PEREY Research & Consulting have been implementing AR in factories to streamline complex processes, increase safety, reduce waste and time to complete tasks.