From exploiting Trauma as an Artistic Medium to creating a revolutionary mental health solution in the metaverse

Sean Rogg, is the creator of The Waldorf Project, a genre defying and radical immersive art series of performance that combines technologies and emotional manipulation to develop new ways to explore a creative vision. He united the most pioneering practitioners in the worlds of environment design, product design, spatial design, sound design, choreography, textile design, and gastronomy to create a rare synergy, a singular collected sensory reaction, or ‘sixth sense’ of emotion. For the last two years he has worked in transferring all learnings from this journey into virtual reality. To do so he spent two years attempting to translate IRL experiences into VR. Eventually he realised a whole new language needed to be created, bottom up. Sean will share with us his journey and talk about what led him to explore mental health first and then translate this into the creation of a radical VR approach at Awen.


  • Sean Rogg, Co-founder, Awen
  • Valeria Leonardi, Co-Founder, Awen