Vicky Butterworth from Marks & Clerk Law gives an overview of trademarks – from the benefits of registering a trademark, through to practical advice for immersive tech companies on protection and trademark infringement.

Having a strong brand identity can help your company to gain a competitive edge – and protecting this is crucial. Getting the right registered trademark protection will help your business to grow and thrive. But how do you start to get this protection – and what are the trademark infringement risks in the XR/VR/AR space?

In her article on VR/AR Pioneers website, Vicky Butterworth addresses:

  • Advantages of registering a trademark
  • What can you protect as a registered trademark?
  • What is the appropriate scope of trademark protection for your business?
  • What about using third party branding in the VR/AR space?

Read Vicky’s full article

Find out more by reading Vicky’s full article on the VR/AR Pioneers website.