Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) help businesses innovate and grow. It does this by linking them with a graduate and academic/research organisation to inject new thinking and skills into their company.

The current deadline for businesses to apply for a KTP is 4 March 2020.

How KTPs work

A KTP is a three-way partnership between:

  • a UK-based business;
  • an academic or research organisation;
  • a graduate.

The academic/research organisation helps to recruit a suitable graduate, who they then employ. The graduate works for the business for the full length of the scheme, which can last between 12 to 36 months depending on the project.

How KTPs are funded

KTPs are part-funded by a grant. Additionally, businesses must contribute to the graduate’s salary, plus the cost of a supervisor to oversee the scheme.

Business contribution is dependent on the size of the project and of your company. An example would be:

  • an SME contributing around £35,000/year; about one-third of the project costs;
  • larger businesses contributing around £55,000/year; or half of the project costs.

Benefits for businesses

KTPs are a great way for businesses to develop innovations by introducing expertise that you don’t have in-house. This can help improve business productivity and performance.

Benefits for academic/research organisations

Academic partners who take part in a KTP benefit from the chance to apply expertise to real-world problems, a source of research income and building collaborative relationships with industry.

Benefits for graduates

A KTP is an effective graduate recruitment scheme. It helps to support graduates in  developing their careers and often leads to a permanent job.

Graduates can find KTP opportunities by visiting the KTP website in addition to via their institution’s KTP office, university department, recruitment website and newspapers.

Applying: the first steps for businesses to apply

The two main routes for businesses to apply are:

Via a Knowledge Transfer Adviser

If your business isn’t already linked to an academic/research organisation, a Knowledge Transfer Adviser can help you:

  • by checking whether your project is suitable for the scheme.
  • to find the right organisation and graduate to work on your project.

You can find your local Knowledge Transfer Adviser by visiting the Innovate UK website 

Via an academic/research organisation

If you already have links with an academic/research organisation, contact its KTP office.

How to submit an application

A KTP application is completed by the business and academic/research organisation, with the agreement of the Knowledge Transfer Adviser. The academic/research organisation will submit the application.