Get the insider view on how Microsoft HoloLens 2 and mixed reality were harnessed to rapidly train thousands of workers and make a crucial contribution to the UK’s Ventilator Challenge.


About this webinar

Back in March, when the true scale of the COVID-19 pandemic was unfolding the UK government determined that 5,900 ventilators were available within the NHS. This was around 20,000 ventilators short in a worst-case scenario for the NHS, & the UK had no local manufacturing base for ICU ventilators. The UK government decided to launch a ‘call to arms’ asking British industry to help produce critical ventilators.

The ask was immense – build at least 20 YEARS worth of ventilators in 12 WEEKS. Over the next several weeks an incredible number of companies came together to pull off arguably one of the most incredible feats in the history of British manufacturing.
Among many of the great challenges faced by this group, was the significant knowledge gap that existed for the builds. Over 3,500 people need to be trained to assemble the ventilators. At Ford alone, the sub-assembly plant inducted over 850 people and completed over 18,000 hours of training (that’s over two years of training) in seven weeks.
In this session we caught up  with the key people who were involved in deploying the Microsoft HoloLens 2 and mixed reality to enable this incredible training effort.
Speakers include:
  • Brandy Moore | EMEA Sales Director, Mixed Reality | Microsoft
  • Paul Perera | VP Technology | GKN Aerospace
  • Alex Woolner, Ph.D. | Augmented Reality Sales Engineer – Vuforia |  PTC UK