Reports relevant to the immersive technologies sector

Virtual Production Skills Report

Published by StoryFutures | Feb 2023

Building on their 2021 report, StoryFutures, the UK’s National Centre for Immersive Storytelling has now released its in-depth VP skills report with detailed analysis of the results from their quantitative skills and R&D survey which was designed to gain an understanding of the fast-changing developments in virtual production in the UK. The resulting data provides insight into how UK companies can take steps to take advantage of the global opportunity that VP presents.

Visit StoryFutures’ website to download the full report.

Trend Report: Kids | New Ways to Play

Published by PRELOADED | March 2021

The immersive landscape is reshaping the possibility space for kids’ play. World leading brands and organisations are capitalising on these new ways to engage, inspire and educate families and children. This report provides an insight into the immersive play trends for kids that are shifting audience expectations, and were PRELOADED believes they will head next.

Visit PRELOADED’s website to download the full report

The Audience of the Future Immersive Audience Journey Report

This report is a result of research conducted by Digital Catapult on behalf of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), in collaboration with the Audience of the Future Demonstrator programme | July 2020

An overview of audience insights and perspectives on immersive art, culture, and entertainment.

This report is aimed at supporting the UK immersive market growth by providing immersive content creators and practitioners with sources and methods of capturing future prospective audience insights, especially in view of Covid-19. The impact of Covid-19 together with multiple market barriers such as lack of investment interest and slow consumer adoption means that understanding these audiences is now more critical than ever.

Visit the Digital Catapult website to download

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in Innovation

Commissioned by Innovate UK and published by Innovation Caucus | July 2020

The Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in Innovation study, which was carried out by the Innovation Caucus, a research project supported by Innovate UK and the Economic and Social Research Council, also explores how initiatives can effectively promote diversity and inclusion in business innovation.

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The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training in the Enterprise Sudy

Published by PwC | June 2020

Between February and October 2019, PwC’s Emerging Technology Group, US Learning and Development Innovation team, supported by Oculus for Business and Talespin, collaborated to plan, design, build, deploy and evaluate the results of a soft skills training module. The VR pilot studied the impact of using VR to train new managers on inclusive leadership, a specific soft skills course that is part of PwC’s focus on training our leaders about diversity and inclusion.

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The Promise of Immersive Healthcare Report

Published by Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET), in partnership with Immerse UK and Hatsumi VR| May 2020

How the UK can reap the benefits of the latest healthcare innovations that use immersive technology?

Immersive healthcare continues to advance but there are still many challenges and concerns that need to be addressed. This report provides insight into key issues, views and recommendations given at the Think Big: Future Health and Life Sciences Unconference, jointly hosted by the IET, Immerse UK and Hatsumi VR in November 2019. It contains a summary of key recommendations from participants, data and ethical challenges and case studies.

Visit the IET website to download

Skills for Immersive Experience Creation: Barrier to Growth in the UK’s Immersive Economy Report

Published by StoryFutures Academy | January 2020

Launched on 28 January, this report from StoryFutures Academy is the UK’s first comprehensive report on skills for immersive experience production. Developed from the findings in our first Immersive Economy in the UK Report in 2018, it highlights a significant skills gap, with 65% of companies identifying a lack of skills as a significant barrier to their individual growth as a business.

Visit the StoryFutures Academy website to download

Seeing is Believing

Published by PwC | November 2019

Seeing is Believing explores how virtual and augmented reality may add value to the economy by 2030. It also highlights the potential benefits it may bring to industries including manufacturing, healthcare, energy, retail and training and development.

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The Deal: Equity Investment in the UK 2018

Published by Beauhurst | January 2019

The Deal analyses equity investment in the UK, which helps many of the most ambitious British companies fuel their growth. This report highlights which sectors, locations and business types are booming or suffering. It also gives an insight into where the next generation of top British businesses may arise, and where investors see real opportunity.

Download The Deal: Equity Investment in the UK 2018 Report

Feasibility of an Immersive Digital Twin

Published by the HVMC Visual and Virtual Reality Forum | September 2018

According to research, the digital twin market is set to grow to over $15bn by 2023. Following on from the Immersive Technologies in Manufacturing Report, this study investigates what people think a digital twin is, what is needed to make a digital twin and is here any value for the use of immersion in a digital twin?

Download the Feasibility of an Immersive Digital Twin Report [9MB]

Immersive Technologies in Manufacturing Report

Published by the HVMC Visual and Virtual Reality Forum | July 2018

The Immersive Technologies in Manufacturing Report, explores how immersive technologies are currently being used in sectors ranging from aerospace, oil and gas, through to construction, and at all stages through the manufacturing life cycle.

Download the Immersive Technologies in Manufacturing Report [4MB]

Immersive Content Formats for Future Audiences Report

Commissioned by Digital Catapult and produced by Limina Immersive | June 2018

This report is a step towards an immersive media taxonomy for creative formats. It identifies trends within the most impactful and creative consumer-facing experiences released by the emerging immersive media sector over the last 4-5 years.

Download the Immersive Content Formats for Future Audiences Report [7MB]

Evaluating Immersive User Experience and Audience Impact Report

Commissioned by Digital Catapult and produced by Nesta and i2 Media Research | June 2018

This report looks at the challenges of understanding the value of creative content while the consumer market for VR and AR content is still small, and traditional quantitative measures of measuring impact are not always available or reliable. It develops a research methodology for testing and evaluating the experimental immersive content that is being made now, in a way that will help us predict the potential audience appetite, cultural impact, and commercial opportunity in the future.

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Creative Tools and Workflows for Immersive Content Creation Report

Commissioned by Digital Catapult and produced by Opposable Group and TechSpark | June 2018

This report looks at key questions around content creation: How is content authored? What tools, techniques, skills, people, equipment will they need? What is best practice? What are the impacts of one workflow over another?  It also provides a snapshot of workflows, and examples of how content is being made right now across the creative industries, and provides original research into where the challenges and opportunities lie.

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The Immersive Economy in the UK Report

Commissioned by Immerse UK and produced by Nesta | May 2018

This is the first ever report mapping the UK’s immersive specialist businesses and highlights the rapid expansion of the sector, defining the scale, nature and economic value of ‘immersive specialist’ businesses. It quantifies and describes a fast-growing, confident and export-intensive industry that is already adding economic value to the UK.

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