Take your Unity skills to the next level with this deep dive into the principles of VR development. Unity expert, Ben Radcliffe leads this practical workshop, exclusive to Immerse UK premium members. Recorded 17 February 2021.

About this webinar

In this comprehensive workshop from Immerse UK and Unity, you’ll learn how to build an immersive VR game. Designed for people who have a beginner to intermediate knowledge of Unity, the goal of this workshop is to teach you step-by-step how to design, develop, and deploy a VR application.

You’ll learn an extensive range of principles and best practices: from world-building, locomotion, and hand presence to creating game logic using visuals scripting.

Workshop overview

This session includes an exploration of:

  • XR interaction Toolkit
  • Setting up XR Interaction Toolkit
  • Using Interactors and Interactables
  • Locomotion and Teleportation
  • Visual Scripting with Bolt
  • Universal Render Pipeline

About your trainer: Ben Radcliffe

Ben Radcliffe is a media and entertainment technical specialist with 20 years of experience in VFX, CG feature, and TV animation.  He’s worked for a variety of top studios, including Dreamworks Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Disney Feature Animation, MPC, and Industrial Light and Magic, and he’s worked as a digital artist supervisor on major franchises including Avengers and Transformers.

In his role at Unity, Ben works with technical decision-makers and influencers at key studios to advance the art and science of visual effects and animation through the use of real-time technology.