Bentley Motors is one of the world’s most prestigious and well known automotive brands. They are one of the few companies that still prides themselves on the hand craftsmanship of their vehicles. As part of their unique offer, they showcase their work through in person tours of their state of the art 4000 person facility in Crewe, England.

However, only a select few make it to Crewe, if you’re in China, the Middle East, Australia or the US, it may be hard to travel to the North of England. Therefore, for those busy schedules, a closer to home experience is needed – the Virtual Factory Tour.

The new experience is designed to mimic the real experience of visiting the factory – you are guided by live hosts and able to look around different scenes in the factory using 360-degree video technology. The experience is built to allow for a free flowing tour where the hosts dwell on areas of interest or move quickly through the facility depending on the customers’ interests.

Along the way you meet and see interviews with key Bentley colleagues, each of them explaining the precision craft needed to collaborate on creating Bentley Motor vehicles.

The goal in creating this innovative virtual tour system is to merge video conferencing software with a web-based 360-degree virtual tour. By bringing these two technologies together for the first time, it allows the personal connection gained through video conference to blend with the freedom of curiosity that 360-degree video presents.

This means a customer can have a conversation with a real person, whilst navigating and looking where they want, all from the comfort of their own environment.