Unwrapping success with Livat’s Instagram festive filter

In the build-up to the festive season, Livat shopping centre sought to boost footfall and position itself as the go-to destination for Christmas shopping.

Collaborating with IKEA, Livat’s flagship retailer, our task was clear: create a compelling campaign rooted in IKEA’s Swedish heritage with a touch of seasonal sparkle. That’s where our cheeky little tomtes (gnomes) come in!

We sprinkled some festive joy with an Instagram AR filter experience featuring these endearing little characters. Set against a wintry backdrop outside IKEA, the pop-up enticed passers-by to seamlessly activate the magic with the quick scan of a QR code.

For an added dash of Christmas cheer, we introduced a competition offering participants a chance to win a £500 voucher. All they had to do was take a selfie with our festive filter and share their experience on social media by tagging Livat.

The results of our approach spoke for themselves:

-Impressions: 3,200

– Opens: 1,400

– Captures: 585

– Saves: 110

– Shares: 76

– Competition entries: 235

The campaign not only converted footfall but also expanded Livat’s social reach. It was a measured success, achieving the goals set for the Christmas season. No flashy fireworks, just a quietly effective campaign that spoke volumes.