Clio’s Cosmic Quest is a featured story for Wonderscope, an iOS app for kids that uses augmented reality to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories. With Wonderscope, kids read stories aloud and engage with the characters to help them solve problems along the way. Wonderscope changes the way kids interact with mobile devices, making screen time into an experience of learning and fun, where movement, reading, and exploration leave lasting memories.

Following their BAFTA-nominated collaboration, PRELOADED teamed up with WITHIN again to create Wonderscope’s newest story: Clio’s Cosmic Quest, an intergalactic educational adventure that launches children into space.

Clio, a tiny particle of stardust, responds to a child’s movement and voice as they explore the galaxy and talk to the various planets they meet, both encouraging children to hone their reading skills and elevating them to one of the central characters in the story.

Through spatial storytelling, kids are taken on a mesmerising journey through the galaxy, learning all sorts of scientific facts and engaging with a fully interactive solar system. The finished product is a seamless synthesis of STEM-learning, kinesthetic learning, exploration, reading, confidence building and storytelling.

“”This 8-minute galactic primer is the future of AR education” WIRED

Wonderscope is available on iOS devices now.