One in two women feel unsafe when alone after dark in public space (Office of National Statistics, 2023. This fear restricts women’s freedom and choices. Victim blaming and microaggressions further exacerbate the issue.

CurfewVR is a virtual reality training tool designed to cultivate empathy in decision-makers who govern public spaces. It uses VR simulations to mirror real-life scenarios and highlight the impact of fear on women’s experiences in public spaces. CurfewVR was built with the verbatim voices of 16-86 year-olds from our community, aiming to encourage victim-centred approaches to VAWG reduction.

CurfewVR was premiered at the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) women’s safety charter launch, and was piloted by WMCA’s Transport Safety Officers, and the Moseley & Kings Heath Neighbourhood Policing Team.

CurfewVR now exists as the cornerstone of our Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG) empathy training programmes, which range from a comprehensive one-day workshop to tailor-made training programmes.