What have I made?

I’ve made an interactive film. It offers an infinite VR story and allows players to follow characters as they move between three parallel universes and experience a significant incident in three distinct orders.

How is my project unique?

It is an original narrative structure for interactive filmmaking within the VR medium. The film immerses viewers in a virtual 3D universe, a tesseract that has numerous gravity surfaces and takes them on a memorable virtual journey.

What progress have it made?

Our group developed a prototype, which was showcased at the Laval Virtual 2022 student competition. The film was then completed with the in-kind collaboration of technicians and professionals at Staffordshire University’s virtual production studios.

And, Who am I?

I’m a researcher and lecturer at Staffordshire University. However, I’d rather be regarded as a VR artist that investigates novel forms of narrative and creates what could be called open-world VR cinematic experiences.

Where is the links?

link for movie trailer:

Link for movie’s website:


Okay, what are you doing at the moment?

We are currently looking for funding for releasing the product.