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[Update – 31 January 2024]

Intercultural Roots celebrates the successful launch of the EcoGPX™ prototype app in Ilkley, a groundbreaking tool combining arts, environment, and community engagement. The event garnered positive feedback from the local community, affirming the app’s potential in fostering ecological awareness and social connectivity. This enthusiastic reception marks a significant step forward for the EcoGPX™ project, demonstrating its promise in driving global ecological and community initiatives.

[Update – 8 February 2024]

Try out the EcoGPX™ prototype app ideally on your phone and send us some feedback:

View and listen to the EcoGPX™ External Evaluation by Amaia Mugica and Bruno Rocha:

Partnership Opportunities‍

Embark on a transformative journey with EcoGPX™! 🌍 We invite communities from across the UK and around the globe to join us in weaving a tapestry of art, culture, and ecological wisdom. Whether you’re nestled in a bustling city, a charming town, or a picturesque rural area, EcoGPX™ brings a cascade of opportunities to enliven local arts, heritage, and business landscapes. By fostering an intimate, artistically enriched connection with your unique environment, our smart app aims to bolster local artists, creators, and communities while nurturing a flourishing sense of eco-awareness. Curious to cultivate this vibrant ecosystem in your locale? Reach out to us at, and let’s sow the seeds for a flourishing partnership! 🌿🎨