What makes a good keynote speech? The short answer is impact; can you help your audience feel something?

To help the bees, we must understand the bees.

Oracle have long supported the World Bee Project and were making even bigger technology commitments to deepen that support.

Dry data doesn’t promote action or invigorate support, so we used the most powerful storytelling technology, extended reality (xR), to tell the story hidden in the data.

Utilising the data that Oracle’s technology captures, we created an augmented-reality (AR) experience that displayed a live beehive on stage to show the behaviours of bees. xR allowed the bees’ story to actually take centre stage.

Immersing the audience in the life of bees:

– Created social engagement and a lot of reposting of the keynote, further extending the impact.

– Captured attention, not just through a unique experience but also by telling a story that the bees couldn’t.

– Oracle was transformed from a database company into a technology company that can make a difference.