The Learning Need:

Stress-related illnesses are on the rise across the UK. Increasingly, employees don’t feel equipped to deal with the demands of the modern work environment.

At the beginning of last year, Lloyds Banking Group looked to tackle this problem head-on with the use of immersive technologies to help develop their employees’ personal vitality and resilience.

Our Solution:

The experience was designed to help employees at Lloyds Banking Group increase their emotional resilience – their ability to cope with stress and to bounce back from setbacks and uncertainty – as well as identify signs of low resilience in themselves and others. It was one of the first-to-market soft skills products that used immersive technology.


Lloyds conducted a survey of 200 employees, to measure the impact of this VR experience. These learners gave is an overall score of 4.1 out of 5 when asked to rate the effectiveness of this training. Not only was the experience seen to be impactful in this way, but it helped Lloyds also achieve a £127,200 saving in their training expenditure in its first year.

The application was finalist for AIXR VRAwards 2019 “VR for Enterprise” and LTAwards 2019 “Best Use of Virtual Environments” categories.