Having enough good maths teachers has an important impact on student attainment, particularly for students from disadvantaged households. The variation in teacher effectiveness appears to be particularly marked in maths. It is therefore critical that schools can recruit, develop and retain good maths teachers. There are shortages of expert math teachers, and this gap can’t be plugged by conventional means alone.

New learning methods are needed to provide expert maths tuition at scale. Ms Rose is an adaptive maths video tutorial format that uses Emotion AI to assess human factors such as attention, positivity and learning engagement, combined with a Diagnostic AI that assesses speed, accuracy, and confidence of answers, to determine the best learning pathway. This enables the tutorial to adapt to the level and pace of the student. At the end of the lesson, the parent or teacher gets an anonymised report.

Adaptive-Media® is an Immersive Emotion AI format that adapts video tutorials to users in real-time based upon human factors. It gives any website, App or video the ability to analyse attention, emotions, and engagement. It works on any PC, tablet or mobile device with internet access, through a very small Deep Neural Network(750Kb) download and Media Player(350kb) . Not to be confused with facial recognition, it works safely in the browser by using the device camera as sensor. No biometric data is sent to the server for analysis, and it does not allow for racial profiling. It is highly responsive with much lower latency, compared to server-side technologies.

Ms Rose was field tested in UK schools:

• She is a hit with both teachers and students

• Self-paced adaptive video-based learning works

• Adaptive Emotion AI video works on standard school PCs

• The prototype helped students sustain attention

• Emotion AI can identify maths anxiety