Rose Bruford College in Greater London, wanted to future-proof their students’ experiences through virtual reality, motion capture and mixed reality. They envisaged a £3.5 million state-of-the-art Centre of Digital Production to develop a hub for digital theatre practice which would help bridge the skills gap and train the change makers of the industry.

The college had a space earmarked for the new Centre for Digital Production in which they would create a multi-use space for traditional full body motion capture, but also from the theatrical perspective it required tracking for lighting purposes and virtual camera systems


Target3D worked with Rose Bruford College, helping them with how best to design a system that would be suitable not just from an educational perspective, but specifically for the needs of theatre and performing arts.

Robert Jeffries, Target3D Director, was an advisor during the consultation for two new courses the centre would initially support – a BA (Hons) in Virtual Theatre and Digital Experiences and a BA (Hons) in Digital Content Design for Theatre and Live Events. He explains;

“Our working relationship with Rose Bruford College is really exciting and unique. The college didn’t simply want us to install motion capture technology in their space and hand it over, they were keen for us to be embedded with them, in terms of outreach and working continuously with them. This gives us the ability to give back, through taking on placement students for example and through guest lecturing. The potential for how we will continue to work together and help influence an industry that is actively changing is huge.”