On this 5G use case immersive room deployment for The Scottish department of education, I served as both product design/developer and lead. I spearheaded the project from its initial conception through to deployment and launch.

Here are the press launch specifics:

The new immersive classroom has been developed within the Muirfield Community Centre in Cumbernauld where a room has been transformed into an exciting and engaging learning environment.

The 360-degree room creates a digital projection which uses all four classroom walls and the ceiling to bring the real-world into an immersive experience for students. BT is making this immersive experience possible through its EE 5G network which brings ultrafast speeds and enhanced reliability for classrooms of the future.

The concept aims to push beyond traditional methods of teaching to create an inclusive digital experience that helps explain abstract and challenging concepts through a 3D model. It will also have the potential to support students with learning difficulties in developing imagination, creative and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Link – https://newsroom.bt.com/new-immersive-classroom-brings-limitless-potential-to-north-lanarkshire/