The independent start-up team behind Clays Bar were seeking a way to track the movements and angles of guns as accurately as possible to create their new virtual clay target simulator with embedded competitive gamification. Their aim was to retrofit decommissioned guns and they were keen to achieve a sleek look by avoiding fixing markers to them – meaning that the retroflected markers typically used for optical tracking may not be suitable.


The client had initially expected to use magnetic tracking but through consultation – and much experimentation – with the Imagination Factory and Target3D, an optical based tracking system was found to be the most suitable for communicating with the game, which had been created by playerthree in Unity.

Involved from the very start of the project, Target3D designed and installed twelve independent tracking systems comprising of installation-grade laser Epson projectors, PCs with RTX graphics cards, OptiTrack Flex 13s cameras and V120:Trios – all controlled by easy-to-use user interface touch screen kiosks.

The potential difficulty of the gun aesthetics led Target3D on a journey of testing and using infrared LEDs, working out how to power them, which constellations would work with the tracking system, and which best echoed the style of the space.

Following on from the consultation and install, Clays has successfully launched their first venue and Target3D continues to support through training the Clays team and providing ongoing technical support.


A playful take on more traditional clay targetshooting, the game has been fully brought into the 21st Century with pegs that flow into the bar area, player photo displays and virtual clays launching across the screens with players taking on a range of games including ‘to the moon’ and ‘the peloton’ as solo or interactive play.