The Emmy®-winning and Golden Globe-nominated Silicon Valley takes a comic look at the modern-day epicenter of the high-tech gold rush. Using the latest tech, HBO wanted to give fans an experience that brought them into the heart of the show.

The real-time VR experience takes fans into the home where the show’s main characters live and work.

The attention to detail makes this experience unique. Not only is the environment a faithful reconstruction using photos and blueprints from the set, but in addition to objects you can pick up and put down, there are many elements you can fully interact with. From a table football that incorporates AI allowing you to compete against it, to a fully playable piano which replicates a real-world piano note for note. You can even get ‘drunk’ on tequila and ‘stoned’ (the screen distorts to simulate the feeling of the room spinning).

Visitors to the Hacker Hostel can also see how many times they get “always blue,” demo the Not Hot Dog app (and snack on the test food), find a secret message from Jared, and help Richard out of a coding crisis.

The experience is packed full of items you can interact with, 756 to be exact. This phenomenal number was made possible using forward rendering; this technique improves the overall performance (framerate) of the experience allowing the team to pack the experience with objects.