An interactive narrative created by the Target3D team is on display at London’s Barbican from this week. ‘Our Time on Earth’ is a major new immersive exhibition exploring radical ideas from around the world that address how we live. Visitors find out how, through technology, we can reveal the natural world like never before and approach the climate crisis in a way that inspires hope and positivity.

The works in the exhibition bring together different global perspectives spanning design, art and technology to show you a future in which people, animals, plants and the planet can flourish together.

Target3D are proud to have worked with the Institute of Digital Fashion on their immersive work, ‘Queer Ecology’, a multimedia 3D and motion capture artwork in collaboration with Colombian ecologist, Brigitte Baptiste, that is one of the eighteen exhibition works.

Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF) is an emblem for change, creating the new vocabulary for fashions metaverse futures. Providing world-class immersive digital solutions, strategies and innovations, IoDF are pushing for a more inclusive, sustainable and diverse IRL x URL reality.

“Building and concepting this collaborative piece embedded so many strands of our work and ethos at IoDF, from queerness, gender politics and digital identites, then to the conversation on sustainability for our futures. We believe in using technology as a democratic tool for change, this work allows the viewer to be one with nature, as nature is within its fluid form, to shift and change and to be different and expressive to survive, to be queer,” said Leanne Elliott Young, Co-Founder & CEO, Institute of Digital Fashion

Target3D, in collaboration with Hanzo Schwarz and Neal Coghlan, tested and evaluated different technical solutions to help the IoDF bring their creative concept to life, before integrating the installation within the Barbican’s set up.