VCP prepares jobseekers to give their best possible interview. Interactive video tutorials show jobseekers what to say and how to prepare. They learn by answering questions with the help of real-life interview scenarios and situations. By using a new format of Emotion AI, jobseekers then learn how to project positivity and attention, helping them overcome barriers they typically face in interview situations.

VCP was successfully implemented and assessed in 19 colleges and supported by France Travail, France’s national employment agency in the in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region where it is hard to scale soft skills training across a large and diverse region. The objective was to trial this Immersive format at scale, to make soft skills coaching available to all jobseekers.

Adaptive-Media® is an Emotion AI format that adapts video tutorials to users in real-time based upon human factors such as attention, positivity and engagement. It gives any website, App or video the ability to analyse attention, emotions, and engagement, generating detailed anonymised usage data. It has distinct advantages over server-side technologies:

1. Low latency. As it works on the user’s device it only uses around 8% of the device CPU and does not require a server, which is better for the environment.

2. Real-time processing: Because it works within the browser it can operate at ‘human speed’

3. Interpreting complex emotions: Our Deep Neural Network is highly accurate, but less than 1MB in size.

4. Fast-changing expressions: Real-time analysis allows for the detection of fast-changing expressions within video streams.

5. Safety. No biometric data or face images are sent to a server for analysis, the software treats the humans as anonymous.

This development represents the intersection of several cutting-edge fields in computer vision, machine learning, and HTML5 development.