Meet the team and learn the ins and outs of our community.

Discover the ways you can connect, collaborate and find support to further your work/project in immersive tech with this introduction session on the Innovate UK Immersive Tech community and platform.

We’re here to answer any questions you might have.

How it works

This event is for those just discovering our community and new subscribers to learn more about the platform, and about the opportunities our community has to offer. The conversation will be run on Zoom.

Details of our 2024 welcome calls for new Immersive Technology Network members will be available soon.

What we’ll cover

We’ll start by sharing about the network and how we connect and support the immersive tech community. Then we’ll briefly take you through the platform and answer any questions you have on:

  • The many ways you can use the platform
  • Events and webinars we offer
  • How to set up and optimise your profile
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Getting involved with Working Groups
  • What we do for the UK’s immersive tech community