Digital Transformation in Real Time – watch the recording

Between November 2021 and March 2022, Immerse UK and Imagination was joined by industry experts in a series of panel discussions and thought-leadership pieces exploring the impact of virtual production and real time content production, each from a different perspective.

In this session, we explored utilising Virtual Production to help enable Digital Transformation in real time, including what is required to embrace realtime technologies and workflows into your organisation.

About Virtual Production

Virtual Production is more accurately described as real time content production; The process by which digital objects and environments are generated in real time using video games engines such as Unreal and Unity. The same technology that immerses you in living, breathing, photorealistic gaming worlds, is now being used by filmmakers, storytellers, marketers and even product designers, opening up limitless creative possibilities.

About the Series

This series aims to demystify the technology and dig into the practical applications, and structural, business and cultural impact of this incredible new world, which is and will continue to transform industries in much the same way that cloud computing and the Internet before it.

Watch the other sessions below:

The Future of Live Experiences (23rd February 2022): The emerging advantages, and challenges, of using real time content for live experiences.

The Future of Content (22nd November 2022): The benefits and impact of using a real time workflow to create content: also read Anton Christodoulou’s follow-up article.