Mark Sage, The Executive Director of the AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) shares more about how augmented reality can improve operational performance across the enterprise sector.

As many analysts predict that the enterprise sector will be the biggest growth area for AR, how is this evolving technology helping companies improve their operational performance, increase efficiency, minimise errors and lower costs?

This webinar explores:

  • how AR is helping companies improve their operational performance and increase efficiency;
  • what the key problems are being addressed by using AR;
  • how companies are making substantial improvements by adopting AR, such as significant reductions in process time;
  • more about the ROI for using AR
  • what the challenges are and how to you overcome the adoption barriers in enterprise AR.

About Mark Sage and the AREA

Mark is the Executive Director of the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA). The AREA is a membership funded alliance, helping to accelerate the adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) through a comprehensive ecosystem.

With a focus on creating value and ROI for its members, his goal is to develop a robust and active ecosystem for AR. His background includes a strong interest in mobile, AR, VR, and IoT and he is excited to work with enterprises, providers and research organisations to the benefit and growth of the AR within the enterprise.

The AREA is the only global membership-funded alliance accelerating the adoption of Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) by supporting the growth of a comprehensive ecosystem. It supports innovative companies that invest in AR technology and who seek knowledge about the tools available, use cases, methods of implementation and return on investment.