Fashion-tech trailblazer, Matthew Drinkwater from the Fashion Innovation Agency at the London College of Fashion explores the potential of  immersive technology to transform the business of fashion.

Discover how the Fashion Innovation Agency at the London College of Fashion is building the pathway to a more immersive and experiential future for fashion and retail. Learn how Digital Fashion is fast becoming a potential new revenue stream for brands and where augmented, mixed and virtual realities alongside artificial intelligence are pivotal in this future.

About Matthew Drinkwater

Matthew works at the crossroads of Fashion, Retail and Technology to head up London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency. Using emerging technology to alter the way that the fashion industry is making, showcasing and retailing, Matthew and his team are building a pathway for truly digital designer businesses.

Matthew has delivered a stunning range of projects that have captured the imagination of both the fashion and technology industries, including what Forbes described as ‘the first example of truly beautiful wearable tech’.

In February 2018, he worked alongside Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment division ILMxLAB to bring their new performance-driven augmentation technology, LIVECGX, to London Fashion Week.

Matthew was named as a ‘fashion-tech trailblazer changing the course of retail’ by Drapers and a ‘pioneer and visionary’ by Wired.