Laurens van den Broek and Andy Drake from world leading eye tracking company, Tobii explore how eye tracking can help to measure and enhance VR experiences.

About this webinar

Our eyes lead our decision making – and eye tracking in VR reveals what is behind an individual’s subconscious reactions and behaviours when interacting with objects.

In this webinar Lauren van den Broek and Andy Drake from Tobii, the world leaders in eye tracking technology give an insight into their cutting-edge work and discuss the significance for measuring and enhancing virtual experiences.

About our speakers

Laurens van den Broek, Research Services Manager Tobii Pro Insight.

Technology and Research specialist with over 10 years’ experience within eye tracking with a focus on VR for the last 3 years since Tobii integrated eye tracking into VR. He has worked across a wide range of industries from user experience and human factors to market research with leading companies and institutions in each field. At Tobii, he helps to leverage eye tracking and research to measure human behaviour and help enhance experiences or improve products and services.

Andy Drake, Client Services Manager Tobii Pro Insight 

Andy is a global insight specialist having worked across various consumer solutions in Europe, APAC and NA. In recent years, he has worked on developing and implementing new methods and insights in mobile research and at Tobii, he is responsible for showcasing range of capabilities and client relationships. He has a general passion for observing consumers!