Allan Rankin and Ashley Keeler from Target3D lead us through a whistlestop exploration of 3D tracking and motion capture and how these innovations can be applied in immersive tech.

Leading industry experts, Allan Rankin and Ashley Keeler from Target3D, an agency specialising in performance capture & tracking technologies, will take you on a whistlestop tour of 3D tracking and motion capture. He will run through:

  • the different types of technology used and why they are chosen
  • applications of 3D tracking, including animation, biomechanics, VR, engineering & simulation and immersive location based entertainment
  • validation the other side
  • the future of motion capture
  • markerless tracking
  • vision processing
  • SLAM

About Allan Rankin

Allan Rankin is co-founder and Managing Director of Target3D, a new emerging technology company focusing on 3D technologies. He built the Target3d team to offer cutting edge solutions from a range of manufacturers who collaborate across numerous industries, including the automotive, serious gaming and creative sectors.

About Ashley Keeler

Ashley is co-founder and Technical Director of Target3D. He has spent the last 15 years involved with VFX, 3D technologies, VR and post-production. He loves crazy creative and technology driven projects.

About Target 3D

Target3D specialise in utilising innovative technologies in virtual reality, training and simulation, hologram creation, serious gaming, animation & VFX and haptic feedback. Previously, Allan was a Business Development Consultant in a technology innovation agency.