Want more flow in your VR creative work? Multi-disciplined creator and creative media executive, Rafi Nizam, shares his expertise in mixing Vive controllers with Logitech’s VR Ink stylus to create a natural Spatial Design experience for ideation and visual storytelling workflows.

About this session

In this practical and inspiring webinar, Rafi covers:

  • 2D IRL drawing to 3D VR drawing
    • Hybrid Workflow: Wacom Cintiq 2D drawing in Gravity Sketch to VR Ink spatial drawing in Gravity Sketch
  • VR 2D drawing to 3D VR drawing
    • All-VR Workflow: VR Ink + Vive Controller in Gravity Sketch
  • Form-factor: a hand-drawn artist’s perspective
    • How VR Ink’s physical form factor provides a natural way to leverage the principles of drawing in Spatial Art and Design.
    • The value of muscle memory to bridge the gap from 2D to Spatial
    • Analogue techniques that benefit digital asset creation, only possible in XR Spatial Design workflows, at their most intuitive with VR Ink

About Rafi Nizam

Rafi is a multi-disciplined Visual Storyteller and Creative Media Executive with 20+ years experience in Entertainment and Technology sectors. In his previous role as VP Creative for Immersive Entertainment at NBCUniversal, Rafi led Creative Innovation, Narrative Design and Visual Development across traditional and emerging media with a focus on Animation, XR, Real-time and Virtual Production. In parallel, Rafi is an award-winning independent Animator, Illustrator and Character Designer. Today, Rafi combines his corporate experience with his passion for storytelling and leverages XR and Real-time tools to transform the origination, production and distribution of animated content to be more democratised, artist-friendly, nimble and collaborative. As an independent consultant in Spatial Design, Rafi provides thought leadership and hands-on guidance to creative and production teams, enabling companies in various sectors to reach new audiences and customers.