This deep dive webinar explores how to scope and brief immersive apps for education. Dr Neil McDonnell, the Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow for Augmented and Virtual Reality at the University of Glasgow and Martin McDonnell from Soluis and Sublime, will lead this session and speak about the development of Sublime’s new Innovate UK-funded XR education platform, Edify, which uses immersive technology and analytics to transform education.

Webinar recording


About our speakers

Neil McDonnell | The Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow for Virtual and Augmented Reality | the University of Glasgow.

An academic with industry experience, Neil returned to academia from a leading role at 3D visualisation leader Soluis to take a PhD in Philosophy. He has since established a unique internal visualisation unit and fellowship at the University of Glasgow, focused specifically on the research and application of virtual and augmented reality. He also jointly established Project Mobius with Sublime, and has been central to the upcoming launch of edify – an immersive learning platform which encapsulates 2 years of game-changing R&D, and will deliver ‘learning without limits.’

Neil has held academic posts in Glasgow, Sydney, and Hamburg, and has published widely on topics in philosophy, the use of immersive tech, and the intersection between the two.

Martin McDonnell | Chairman and Founder of the Soluis Group | Co-Founder of Sublime

Martin is leading Sublime to launch edify; the immersive augmented learning platform for Universities and students to connect and collaborate across mobile, browser and virtual reality.

An innovator, inventor and entrepreneur, Martin has built a group of successful businesses that connect the latest digital technology platforms to the needs of different market sectors, applying spatial computing to industries including education, design, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare.