Leading immersive sound experts, Joseph Mott, Ted White and Axel Drioli discuss the latest industry developments and challenges in spatial sound, including demonstrating audio workflows in the production of immersive content.

Axel Drioli (Spatial Audio Labs and (Sounding Wild) teams up with Joseph Mott and Ted White of (Mott and White) to explore different workflows for immersive linear and interactive audio. Technical and creative aspects of field recording, sound design, synthesis and implementation of audio for immersive content are discussed, as well as a looking at the new and essential tools that are available to emerging audio designers working for new realities and experimental speaker arrays.

It also features live demonstrations of mixing in immersive environments, and approaches to creative sound design. Headphones recommended.

Useful links

During this recording, the useful links discussed include:


ReaperFMOD (sort of not a DAW, but hey!)

Free plugins

IEMSpartaFB360Blue Ripple O3a Core

Professional VR workflows with inside-VR workflows

DEARVRBlue Ripple Sound


8D Audio SwitcherSpatialised Music SwitcherVR Audio Demo (download) | Dreams of GoldBroken Transmissions

About our speakers

Joseph Mott and Ted White

Mott and White are a two-man audio team specialising in sound and music for immersive experiences, striving to consistently operate at the bleeding edge of new realities. They provide the highest quality 3D audio design, implementation and music composition exclusively to the fast-expanding immersive sector including branding, entertainment, education and installation. Joseph Mott and Ted White have been working as a freelance partnership for two years now, a period which has seen them work with companies and brands large and small all over the world. Visit their website to find out more

Axel Drioli

Axel is an immersive audio designer,  founder of Spatial Audio Labs and the Spatial Audio Producer for the Philharmonia Orchestra. Projects include SOMNAI, one of the biggest multi-sensory large-scale immersive theatre events and  Polygon Productions, a cutting-edge company which brings 3D sound stages to festivals around the world.

‘The Journey 360’, funded by UNICEF, won the Cine Golden Eagle Award for ‘Best VR documentary short’ and it has been screened at SXSW, Sheffield Doc Fest, United Nations HQ, Downing Street and Future of Storytelling Summit (NY, USA). His new Audio Experience ‘Life on The Edge’ was a finalist at Kaleidoscope and has been selected to screen at EarthXR. Axel is considered one of the foremost experts on spatial audio and is passionate about experimenting to push the medium forward. Visit his website to find out more