Leading accessibility expert, Christine Hemphill from Open Inclusion shares more about inclusive design and explains why this approach can benefit both end users, immersive technologists and content creators.

Immersive technologies have the ability to take us to new worlds and experiences. But is this accessible for all, or can VR, AR and XR experiences, software and hardware exclude people through their design process? And what are the implications of this for both the end user and your immersive business? In this webinar, accessibility & inclusion expert Christine Hemphill from Open Inclusion discusses what is going on in the XR industry – and why it’s crucial for immersive businesses to address these issues.

This webinar explores:

  • Who does inclusive design include?
  • Why does this matter? Size and value of the market.
  • How can immersive technologies include or exclude users through design
    • hardware
    • software
    • content
  • What can you do about this if you are keen to engage practically and more deeply in this topic?

About Christine Hemphill

Christine has a background of over 20 years in designing and making products, services, teams or businesses, or making them better. The last 5 years have been solely focussed on customer and workplace inclusion, digital design and inclusive brand experiences.

She loves looking for, building and empowering the best team to support clients embed inclusion so effectively we are no longer required! Then finding and engaging new clients where we can add significant value and do it again. Each time widening the circles of inclusion and deepening business and user benefits.

She works closely with her research team, regularly engaging with Open Inclusion’s panel or other user groups to better understand how diverse customers really experience brands. This informs its work with clients to improve the experiences for all: tactically through product improvements and more strategically, building role-based awareness, tools and skills. As an economist by training and human-centred designer by practice, she also leads the economic value research for Open, assisting its clients understand the potential financial benefits of more inclusive approaches.